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“You are unlikely to find another acoustic music CD this much fun.”
Mitch Finley 
INBMA Newsletter

Banjo Man Frank Cassel and Katy Morse formed the duo Beside Ourselves in early 2015. They present a fun combination of bluegrass, folk and original material for all ages, including children.

The Banjo Man performs lively and engaging folk, bluegrass and original music for all audiences including kids and seniors. I am available for occasions such as concerts, community festivals and children's parties. The very talented and award winning members of the New Mountain Fever Band, featuring Frank Cassel on banjo and vocals, Katy Morse on guitar and vocals, and Alan Oresky or Lisa Bushman on fiddle are available for bookings. We perform as a duo, trio, quartet or larger band.

A highly entertaining and varied collection of mostly original acoustic selections accompanied by a dream team of skilled musicians, this project includes some serious bluegrass, and also a swing, ragtime, old country, and even classical track.


Bluegrass Music Has Ruined My Life

Minuet in G

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