The Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County provides valuable services including a newsletter for artists in the County, grants and employment opportunities. They also have a great calendar of events. Their website is:


The Washington Area Music Association provides many benefits to local musicians.  They have been a great help to many of us over the years.  Help keep our local music scene strong. Also, another very valuable organization, the Songwriters' Association of Washington helps improve skills, foster networking, and sponsors the Mid Atlantic Song Contest every year:


The DC Bluegrass Union has a site that is an indispensable resource for those interested in the local bluegrass scene. The web site is:


Mary Cliff's wonderful radio show, Traditions is the longest running show in DC.Saturdays: 2-6 PM on WAMU 88.5 HD Channel 2 in the Washington, DC area, streaming worldwide on, and (completely different) 11 PM Saturday to 1 am Sunday on WAMU 88.5 in the greater Washington area, streaming worldwide on Mary, many thanks for all the years of supporting folk music, and the music folk of the area, the nation, and the world.


Check out a very informative web site for families: They are a local guide listing activities and resources for families. In addition, they offer a weekly newsletter which has a calendar of events, local theater performances, promotions and more that's useful for families.


Banjo Bunny – My good friend, Susan Preston, has a great e-card web site: This site is a lot of fun, and well worth a few minutes checking it out. I signed up, and send these cards to my friends.


My yoga instructor, Ashley Litecky, has started her own yoga center. There are many valuable activities and classes available: Sky House Yoga in Silver Spring, MD.


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